Co- Teaching Project


On April 19, 2016, in teaching with technology, my classmate, Hope Vallas and I created a lesson together we co-taught to the class. The presentation has to be roughly 10 minutes including a lesson plan, starter activity, smart board activity, and assessments. Hope and I chose to focus on a 3rd grade class about nouns and verbs. We started the class by asking students what they believe a noun and verb to be, and to make sentences with it. As college students, our class knew what a noun and verb is, but it was so motivating and glorifying to see how many of our classmates really wanted to participate in our lesson. To me, when a student wants to participate, it’s because that students has confidence in themselves. As a teacher, you should always motivate your students to participate, but not call on anyone who really doesn’t know the answer because they will get embarrassed.

After the quick do now, Hope and I had a smart board lesson. We used Smart Exchange to find the activity. This was my first time using Smart Exchange. They had so many options to choose from, and you can even narrow your search by subject and grade. There were so many choices, but we chose a noun and verb sorting game. The game had three parts – words, pictures, and words again. We asked students to come up and drag the word or picture to the noun or verb side. Each student did 3-5 words and then called the next student to come up. There were enough words and pictures to have everyone come up and participate. After all the words and pictures were sorted, we did a check and it told us if we were right or wrong.

We assigned homework. The homework was to go to a given website and take a 10 question quiz on nouns and verbs. Students had to print the results and bring it into class the next day. The homework lets students use technology outside of the classroom. All in all, I had a great time teaching the class. Everyone was so positive and supportive, and it was a great learning environment to be in.


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