Making Robots!

The past few classes in Teaching with Technology, we worked in groups to assemble robots, decorate them, create a story for them, and make a mini movie. On the first day, we had to build them and decorate them. Stereo-typically, males tend to excel in science and math. Unconsciously, this happened in my group. Anthony and Aaron got to work assembling the robot, and Hope and I started decorating the can with duct tape. It wasn’t that we couldn’t do the opposite job, we were just genuinelyĀ  having fun doing what we were doing. We wound up switching rolls, so Hope and I finished assembling the robot, and Aaron and Anthony named it and decorated it. On the first day, it looked adorable with the big eyes and long arms. We made ours pink, purple, and blue.

On the second day working on this, we bought confetti and stickers to decorate the robot more. We glued confetti to the top and stuck stickers all over the sides. We chose a birthday theme since Aaron’s birthday passed this week. We decided the theme of our robot was to celebrate birthdays and bring joy and optimism with him. This turned into such a cute project, and I love how our robot wound up looking.

We made our movie using flipgram and an iPad. Flipgram was so easy to use. It let you record as you were going and add a song from your music library. We chose a song about friendship. Our video started with the robot standing next to his birth certificate. Then, we typed up a little about him and showed that, also letting him walk around. To end the video, we sprinkled confetti on top of him. Each of us took on roles moving the robot, sprinkling the confetti, and recording. Our group got along so well.

This is defiantly a project I would want to do in my class. I was trying to think how I can incorporate history to the robot. I would have my students build the robot, and design it after a figure they learned about in class. This way I would be checking their history knowledge, technology skills, and collaboration skills.

Overall, I’m so pleased how our robot turned out, and making the video was the best part. I had so much fun!

Click the picture to see the video we made šŸ™‚




  1. DrMG · March 17, 2016

    Share your cute video!


  2. DrMG · March 17, 2016

    Disregard. I didn’t click šŸ™‚


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