Infographic Timeline



This week in ED Tech, we were introduced to resources used to create an infographic. An infographic is a creative way to present information. Infographics are good for visual learners because all of the information is represented in a picture, or video style. To make an infographic, I used a Prezi. Prezi is a tool I personally love to use. To create a timeline, Prezi offered a template of a timeline where you plugged in the dates and information in the correct place. I added dates and events in the boxes that the template offered. You are able to make the timeline bigger or smaller based on your needs. I kept the color theme it came with because I wanted a simple design to go along with my topic of civil rights. Using Prezi, you can incorporate links on your slides, videos, and audio. Prezi is a great tool I would recommend using in the classroom for any age group.


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