Powtoon Digital Story!

This week in ED Tech, we were introduced to several digital story resources. I chose to use Powtoon. Powtoon is a free resource that can be used for education. I created a Powtoon (attached) about how a bill becomes a law. Using Powtoon, you can choose a background image, graphics, and audio. Audio can be a song or even your own voice. Powtoon was easy to use and most of it was included in the free account.

One advantage of Powtoon is adding your voice, pictures, and making it like a movie. Powtoon is a great resource to actually tell a story. You can use it in your classroom to tell a story in an English class or retell a historical event. These are just two examples of the endless options the user has.

While creating my Powtoon, I liked the creative options that were offered with the free account. Between each “slide” there was a transition effect. There were enough to choose from that I was able to choose a different one for each step. There were dozens of different backgrounds and themes, so you can choose one for any topic.

After viewing my classmates digital stories, I loved the ones aimed at elementary school students. Click on the image below to view my Powtoon!



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